• Shpachenko performs a veritable tour of structures ancient and modern, producing extraordinary colours and textures.

    Alex Baran, The Whole Note
  • The keyword to this disc is in its title: poetry. There is visual poetry in the images, compositional poetry in the responses that form this program, and performance poetry via Shpachenko.

    Colin Clarke, Fanfare Magazine
  • Each of the works is about a special place, with music interacting with a wide range of human activities: fine and applied arts (architecture and design), the heritage arts and the natural world… a marvellous project, well worth exploring.

    Dean Frey, Music for Several Instruments
  • The Poetry of Places is an impressive collection of new works by outstanding contemporary composers, performed by first-rate musicians.

    Paul Muller, Sequenza21
  • The Poetry of Places is a truly fascinating collection of original music for piano that demonstrates a great variety of approaches… an important album for any music lovers interested in modern piano literature.

    Steven Kennedy, Cinemusical
  • Nadia Shpachenko‘s new Reference Recordings album Quotations and Homages is a clear winner… Shpachenko’s technique and interpretation are above reproach…

    Don Clark, I Care If You Listen
  • Rare, not to mention refreshing, is the classical recording that balances seriousness with humour… [Shpachenko] executes all the material with conviction, her connection to the material unwavering no matter the works’ differences. Above all else, there is joy in her playing, and it transfers infectiously to the listener.

    Ron Schepper, Textura Magazine
  • The genius of this album is in its effortless flow. Each work follows naturally from one to the next… The concept is creative, the program well constructed, and Shpachenko’s pianism is of the highest caliber. The recording is sure to remain a mainstay of the contemporary discography for posterity.

    Steven Niles, New Classic LA
  • Shpachenko is a brilliant and thoughtful artist. There is a huge range of dramatic and technical effects within this collection, and she captures them all with remarkable precision and expressivity… In all, this is a most invigorating and distinctive release.

    Peter Burwasser, Fanfare Magazine
  • …a superb and superbly recorded program of pieces as fresh as they are ready to pay respect to the traditions that led to their creation… Shpachenko’s playing is everything it needs to be and more… Eras seem not to exist for her, and neither does musical dogma, allowing her the freedom to speak the music’s multifarious dialects.

    Marc Medwin, Fanfare Magazine
  • An exceptional recording of newly composed piano works… Shpachenko’s passionate rendering of the material unifies it on this special recording. Clearly a labour of love.

    Ron Schepper, Textura Magazine
  • Woman at the New Piano is a generous helping of new piano music by four contemporary composers covering a wide range of feelings, moods and techniques. Ms. Shpachenko and Genevieve Feiwen Lee have skillfully combined to produce a memorable recording.

    Paul Muller, New Classic LA
  • [Nadia Shpachenko] impresses very much as a pianist with a light, crisp touch and a way of keeping the music flowing very cleanly… the execution sounds flawless… the music is so infectious… A very engaging set.

    Brian Olewnick, Just Outside
  • Nadia Shpachenko collaborated in the creation of these works, giving her an emotional investment and empathy with them. She conveys that empathy with sure, insightful delivery.

    Ralph Graves, Off Topic'd and WTJU
  • Pianist Shpachenko brings strength to wide range of living composers… Shpachenko herself is a strong player, with a touch that gives weight and solidity even at low dynamics… Eminently worthwhile concert from Shpachenko and her fellow composers.

    George Grella, New York Classical Review

GRAMMY® Award-winning pianist Nadia Shpachenko has performed extensively in solo recitals and with orchestras in major venues across North America, Europe and Asia. Described by critics as a “truly inspiring and brilliant pianist… spellbinding in sensitivity and mastery of technique,” Nadia enjoys bringing into the world things that are outside the box – powerful pieces that often possess unusual sonic qualities or instrumentation. She performs on piano, toy piano, harpsichord, and percussion in concerts that often feature recitation, electronics and multimedia.


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“The outstanding contemporary-music disc of the year” – Fanfare Magazine
All proceeds donated to Ukraine humanitarian aid.

The Poetry of Places
March 1, 2019 Release
“Superb… evocative… pure magic” – I Care If You Listen
2020 GRAMMY® Award Winner for Best Classical Compendium